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Re: Share Your NETGEAR Armor Experience


Re: Share Your NETGEAR Armor Experience

Very disappointed in the Armor for iOS / iPadOS (Bitdefender Mobile 4.0.0)


I'm seeing the same problem reported by other users - https://community.netgear.com/t5/NETGEAR-Armor/Armor-VPN-prevents-loading-most-webpages/m-p/2211239/... - stalling frequently while loading anything that accesses. the internet.


It is impacting two iPads and two iPhones. Lately it has become so bad that one iPad won't go more than 15 minutes without getting into the stalling scenario. I finally had to permanently pause the web protection to get my wife's iPad and iPhone to where she can use them. My next step is to remove the app from the iPads and iPhones.


I have used other VPN-based apps before - CloudFlare's Secure DNS app - and had zero problems. That suggests it isn't an iOS / iPadOS problem but rather an Armor / Bitdefender issue.


Devices: iPhone 10 Max Pro, iPhone 12 Max Pro, iPad Pro 12.9" 1st Gen, iPad Pro 11" 3rd Gen

OS: iOS 15.4.1 (both phones), iPad OS 15.4.1 (both iPads)


Problem has existed through multiple iOS / iPadOS releases over about the last year. Please advise if you are working on this?

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