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Orbi WiFi 7 RBE973

Readynas 2690


Readynas 2690

Hi guys AGAIN
It WAS working OK until I unplugged and moved. Now when I try and access it shows on readynas but won't allow access. I have got GB of documents and files and cannot access

Please help guys

I have an ethernet going to my hub to the readynas and another going to my pc
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Re: Readynas 2690

Sorry its a readynas 2600. Got fat fingers

And showing on raidar as healthy but won't let me access from network admin page never works either
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Re: Readynas 2690

There is no ReadyNAS 2600.  


Nonetheless, if you moved and now have a new router, the likely cause is that you assigned a fixed IP within the NAS that's not valid on your new network.  Step one to see if that's the case is to see what RAIDar reports as the IP address and NAS status.  Also, what IP is your PC using?  If the first three sets of numbers don't match, that's your issue, and we can give you solutions.  Not knowing what NAS you actually have, I will say that if you have one with two Ethernet ports, the quickest solution is usually to simply use the other one.  Most likely, you won't have assigned a fixed IP to both.

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