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Support for Windows 7 requested


Support for Windows 7 requested

I bought a ReadyNAS Ultra 2 Plus and was surprised how much effort I had to spend to allow file sharing from my Windows 7 Home Premium PC.

Unless I will be satisfied with sharing the files om my ReadyNAS with guest read/write permissions ReadyNAS does not support Windows 7 file sharing.

I had to analyse that user/password authorization does not work and search for a solution, which was very hard to understand as you have to use Regedit to set LmCompatibilityLevel (at least that was the only solution I found that worked). With Windows 7 Home Premium there is no policy manager function available - but this version of windows is probably the version with most users out there.

Either Netgear should support Windows 7 file sharing (which evcourse is the best) or give a visible and crystal clear instruction on how to do it. Or it should be stated that ReadyNAS only has limited compatibility with Windows 7.

I see many people having problems with that on the forum and they deserve a better support from Netgear.

/Jens Ulrik Mouritsen
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Re: Support for Windows 7 requested

What version of RAIDiator firmware is on your Ultra 2 Plus? If you're running an old RAIDiator you could find your issues have been addressed by a newer version.

You can change the LMCompatibilityLevel on Windows 7 Home. Take a look at this quote:
Reven wrote:

To add this on Win7 Home, add add a DWORD value called LmCompatibilityLevel to HKLM|System|CurrentControlSet|Control|Lsa and set the value to 1
I have the 64-bit version of Win7 Home, so I added a 64-bit DWORD.
See http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/libr ... 60646.aspx for a description of LmCompatibilityLevel

Personally I'd recommend using Windows 7 Professional rather than a home version as the Professional versions has better features for using Windows on a network.
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Re: Support for Windows 7 requested

I am using RAIDiator 4.2.17.
I have solved my version of Windows, but such things should be plug and play or at least have a clear instruction from Netgear - not something you realize dont work and have to spend many hours of investigation to resolve.
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