Devices on my network stuck in Bypass login but I have no bypass login account


Re: Devices on my network stuck in Bypass login but I have no bypass login account

    Wow. I've just read through this entire thread. Just wow! Our problem started Jan 1, 2017. My stepson came back home on that day and brought his Xbox One from his dads (This is a normal routine, not a new event). When he tried connecting to Xbox Live it wouldnt let him although Xbox shows that it is connected to the internet. Also his smart phone and my daughters as well have only limited access to apps (guessing its based on what category they are listed as in Parental Control settings). I didn't have Genie installed on my phone at the time. I had the Genie app installed on my old phone(My old phone, an LG G3 had an adverse reaction to the newest firmware upgrade and chose to get stuck in a continuous reboot loop), but that all happened back in around October '16 when it died and I replaced it with my LG5, and as I said I had not added the Genie app back to my new phone and hadnt attempted to make any changes to parental controls or even log into the router.


    Back to the story, so now my stepson cant play Xbox live, or his smartphone games, and my daughter can't access an app thats required for her job so she can see her work schedule. All 3 devices are stuck on bypass login. I had to download the genie app onto my new phone just to find this out. I've deleted and recreated bypass login accounts to no avail. I've reset the router. I've logged into the Netgear Open DNS site and changed the parental controls to none. no go. I'm not the most computer literate person in the world so some of what Elaine mentioned I didnt understand. I'm left questioning what I do now. Unfortunately cant call customer support, since I purchased my router back in 2015 and I dont want to purchase additional support. Do I follow that one gentlemens lead and look for a different brand of router (perhaps Linksys) and spend another 200 dollars to replace what was a perfectly functioning router or can NetGear pull their heads out and come up with a solution. Everything I've seen to this point has been merely suggested attempts at solving an unknown problem rather than an actual work around or patch or some sort to remedy this issue.


    Any thoughts, anyone?

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Re: Devices on my network stuck in Bypass login but I have no bypass login account

What can I tell you? There's been no useful rsponse to this at all. My teenaged kids have for months now been exposed to sites on the internet which I do not want them to access. I specifically bought this router for this feature, and it is now completely non-functional. 


I would like a refund so I can buy something that actually works. I'm very sick of waiting for a fix.


I would have thrown it in the bin by now but I have a matching ex6200 extender which I'm concerned I'd have to replace as well. Hundreds of dollars down the drain.


It used to work, how hard can it be to roll back whatever stuff up they made?



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Re: Devices on my network stuck in Bypass login but I have no bypass login account

Is this a forum or a class action suit?  If the latter then please count me in.  I am experiencing the same problems as everyone else included in this thread.  All my devices have defaulted to "Bypass" which has significantly limited my access to the internet (including the mail server).  The only solution from Netgear is to logout of an account that does not exist.  To complicate matters the genie app no longer recognizes my password as valid even the same password allows me web access to the router.  I have deleted the app and reinstalled it to no avail.  Any proposed solutions by Netgear officials assume that there is a mass conspiracy whereby people have sabotaged their devices by changing various settings (clearly user error), or we are instructed to jump through technical hoops under the presupposition everyone is tech savy (ie, delete the LRC on a second Tuesday of a blue moon, reinstall the proxy but only after the device has been shut down exactly 18.73 seconds, hold the device at a 37 degree angle while eating a pbj....).  I have no problem with a flawed product, but I have a real problem with a company that turns a deaf ear to so many experiencing the same problems.  I suspect there are many more who have not found their way to this forum.  I choose this product based on the Netgear reputation, so I trust they will come through with a solution.  

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Re: Devices on my network stuck in Bypass login but I have no bypass login account

I have the same issue too .. A little different so I'll explain! My entire family runs on Android devices and I just purchased a new phone yesterday. I gave my son my old phone and did a factory reset & then set up my new phone with Netgear Genie and the DNS Bypass account like we previously had before making the switch. Last night I noticed I was being restricted from sites but shouldn't be because of the bypass account! Long story short, after hours of serious frustration and my son being WIDE open online, I'm stuck with no options and the parental controls are a hot mess! I logged onto my computer to try a different route and saw my old phone (now my son's) is still stuck on "bypass" and keeps telling me he needs to log out of the DNS bypass account first before moving to default. He's not linked to one but possibly the phone/IP is!? Then I found there's two of him on the network ... How? Only one phone! So there's an extra IP address in there that's unaccounted for! Then I also found my other children and devices such as smart tv, printer, etc were all on different settings/filters rather than on default like they're suppose to be! So I switched those around but my son's account remains wide open on bypass! Highly irritating! I'm going to try deleting all information and genie then jump on computer to see what I can do as mentioned above. I'm assuming this still hasn't been resolved so if I find a way, I will gladly share .. Please do the same Smiley Happy
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