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Hacked account?


Hacked account?

I got an email from Netgear Support saying that my support case had been solved and closed. The weird thing is, I have not used my router in months, in fact, I'm trying to sell it. So could this be some type of hack?


The specific "problem" they supposedly fixed is "CX is not getting any Internet OOW".


Many thanks.


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Re: Hacked account?

> I got an email from Netgear Support [...]


   Perhaps.  With my weak psychic powers, I can't see the headers on
your e-mail message, which would be needed to determine whence it
came.  "From: xxx" is not a trustworthy indicator.

> [...] could this be some type of hack?


   From what I can see, it could be almost anything.  Including an


   Unless you actually care about its contents (apparently not), I'd say
that ignoring/deleting it should be pretty harmless.

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Re: Hacked account?

Sorry I didn't include this in my OP. I went into my Netgear account, and sure enough, there was a case with a case number, and it said it had been resolved. So it wasn't a matter of getting an email from a non-Netgear site. 


My router is no longer under warranty, so there is no way to contact Netgear about this.

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