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Re: Firmware Update Issues with SXS80 Devices

Guide Firmware Update Issues with SXS80 Devices

One of these times (not this time apparently) I will learn and hold off a bit on applying the firmware updates after they are released. That noted, I first applied the update to my SXR80 via the Insight app on my Android device, which proceeded smoothly / finished within 5 minutes or so. After the router update, I then got prompted to update my 2 satellites, which is when things went downhill a bit.   After at least 20 minutes, neither of my routers had reconnected.   I checked the status light on both and the main one on the front was out.   I probably waited another 15-20 to see if they came back online, which they did not. At that point, I power cycled each device 1 at a time.  Both came up fine with Blue LEDs indicating a good connection to the router so I thought all was good at that point; however, they were still showing as offline.  Oddly, I was able to access the web UI but could not login into either using the same credentials that I use to login into the router as I had been.  After a couple more reboots of the satellites plus the router, the satellites regained connectivity and were showing the firmware version at   


While I have connectivity back at this point, I'd like to try and understand what went amiss with the firmware update on the satellites.    Additionally, I also discovered that I could only access the web UI for one of the satellites using default credentials.  That was definitely not the case prior to the update.  I thought the password synched with the router but that doesn't appear to the case now.  Is there a way to change that / get it back in sync?

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Re: Firmware Update Issues with SXS80 Devices



By the time that you were about to update (or currently updating) the firmware of your 2 SXS80, is your internet connection just fine?  


For further investigation about this, it would be best that you open a support ticket with NETGEAR Support here at anytime.  You may upload the logs from your Orbi Pro WiFi 6 devices as well as further details.  






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Re: Firmware Update Issues with SXS80 Devices



Thanks for the reply!   I'm currently engaged with Raghu / provided some logs + other info for review.  To answer your question, I did have Internet connectivity at the time I initiated the update of my satellites.   Using the Insight app, I was prompted to update the router first and then after that completed / Internet access was back, I received a separate prompt to update the satellites. That process differed a little from what I had seen on prior updates where initiating the updated applied it to both the router and satellites.    At this point, connectivity is good but still having issue with only being able to login to UI for one satellite using default credentials.

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Re: Firmware Update Issues with SXS80 Devices

Hi @wesmithjr100 


Checked the debug log that you have shared. It has only have 2 satellite's log (basement and maskter bedroom), but no Base's log. We need the Base's log too. Please share the debug log from Base/router too.




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Re: Firmware Update Issues with SXS80 Devices

@RaghuHR - apologies on forgetting to include the main router logs.  I've gone ahead and shared those out and sent you info via PM



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