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SXR80 ORBI PRO Access control problems


SXR80 ORBI PRO Access control problems

on average i have aprox 39 devices connected to the router at any given time.  i have access control turned on and block new devices.  I have started moving devices to wired connections using and external switch.   starting with the switch access control is blocking devices now.  it will not let me allow these new devices.   example moving my printers and PC's from wifi to wired are all being blocked now.  these devices have previously been allowed so the router should already know the MAC address for the wifi.  the wired connections has a new mac address so i should be able to just allow the new connection.  the only why i can unblock the devices is to change the setting to allow all new devices.  Help. everything works fine.

  I have updated the router to the newest firmware and even tried going back to the last version. no change.  I dont know if its significant but the insight app and on line portal show i have 104 disconnected devices.   This number keeps climbing and doesnt reflect the actual number if devices.  it lists devices defult names even after i have changed them,  showes the wifi connection and wired connedtions for the same device.   Like its not updating properly.  my thought is with out going back and looking it up exacly the SXR80 will handle 80 concerent devices.   

Is the router somehow thinking i have exceded the number of concerent devices?  i even tried re-installing the App and looked for a way to clear the cache. 

Any ideas! 


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Re: SXR80 ORBI PRO Access control problems



A new SXR80 firmware which is the v3.3.0.124 has been released recently.  I suggest you to update the firmware of your SXR80 then observe if the same problem will occur.  You can download firmware v3.3.0.124 here






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