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Re: Netgear GS728TP - POE Faults Again on Four Switches


Netgear GS728TP - POE Faults Again on Four Switches

My company provides IT support and management for multiple clients.  One of the clients in particular has a robust setup of 11 switches across five buildings.  They all consist of Netgear 728TP and Netgear 752TP switches.


In the past this client has always had the POE error "Other Fault" on one or two switches in the MDF.  It would happen about once a year after a storm and we would replace the switch.  The company thought it was cheaper to just get a new switch every time it occurred compared to the expenses of re-wiring the building (if that is the cause).  Needless to say I get nervous when a storm rolls though.  It has been about two years since one of these errors has appeared thankfully.


This past Thursday was the worst day ever for this company.  A small storm that lasted ten minutes did damage to the building with over half of the users down.  I ended up replacing 4 of the 11 switches as they had POE Other Fault on them.  

  • 2 MDF (Main Building): Netgear GS752TP [SW70] and Netgear GS728TP [SW72] 
  • 1 Building A: Netgear GS728TP [SW76] - SW76-24 is a copper jumper to SW72-04
  • 1 Building B: Netgear GS728TP [SW75] - SW75-21/22 (LAG) is a copper jumper to SW72-21/22 (LAG)

While I did replace them and it worked over the weekend, I have came in this morning to discover that all four are showing Other Fault again.  I am having a feelings of defeat today as my mind will think that it will happen again when I replace them.


My question comes to this: Is there anyway to check a log to determine if a specific port is causing this issue?


This problem has existed for a while as we feel the wiring is probably touching a part of the metal building.  We just haven't found a way to find the root cause.


Also if anyone has any advice for me on the subject it is welcome.  I can give more info as needed.  Thanks for reading!

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Re: Netgear GS728TP - POE Faults Again on Four Switches

Hi @Kurr,


You can go to Monitoring > Ports > Cable Test and test the affected ports, you may refer to page 468 of the user manual here to check the description of the cable status.


Also, you can check the logs by going to Monitoring > Logs > Memory Log.






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Re: Netgear GS728TP - POE Faults Again on Four Switches

Thanks for the information on where to look, but I am a little ignorant of the Cable Testing section.  It seems there is not valid documentation on how to fully use it.  Can I just login to the switch GUI and select the port(s) I feel may be an issue and click test?  Also can I do this in a live environment without any drops?



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Re: Netgear GS728TP - POE Faults Again on Four Switches

On either the GS728TP, GS752TP as well s on the GS728TPv2, GS752TPv2, the PoE handshake can be disabled so the port does never provide power. However, power is not applied unless both ends of the link agree (one requesting, one offering power). 


System > PoE > Advanced > PoE Port Configuration


In overvoltage during a storm condition, whatever random unexpected results can happen-

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