Permit Internet Traffic on port 443


Permit Internet Traffic on port 443


I have  GS716Tv3 ProSafe 16-port Gigabit Ethernet Smart Switch behind my main router. Switch is connected to webserver. I also have my own DDNS and port forwarding rules setup on my main router.


Within internal network (using computer connected to switch), I am able to access webserver over port 443.


However, if I try to access my webserver over the internet, its not getting connected. If I move webserver from switch to main router directly, its working. This makes me sure, that switch is blocking HTTPs over TCP. 


I searched in GUI, but couldn't find any option to unblock it. Could some one guide me, on how to unblock this communication. Also, can I see this blockage in some log file. 


Many thanks in advance.

Model: GS716Tv3|ProSafe 16 ports Gigabit Smart switch
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Re: Permit Internet Traffic on port 443

Hard to imagine a switch in a default config, no routing, no ACL, no other access limitations should cause such an issue.

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Re: Permit Internet Traffic on port 443



What is the current firmware version of the GS716Tv3?


Is the GS716Tv3 directly connected to the main router? 


Is your main router a NETGEAR device?  If yes, what is the model of it? 






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