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Readynas 314 vault login failed error when attempting to turn vault on from device gui

My vault backups were not working so did the following:

1. I attempted to upload the 300 series vault app to the device.

2. The upload said successful yet after reboot the app did not appear in the apps list?

3. I upgraded the firmware to 6.5.0 and rebooted.

4. I attempted to upload the vault app again. After reboot the app still did not show in the list?

5. with firmware version 6.5.0 the vault On/Off button is now under the Cloud tab.

5a. So I turned off the Vault button.

6. Now I go to turn on the Vault button.

7.I get the prompt for the Volume/Email/password.

8. I fill it in and click login

9. I get the "Vault login failed" error

10. I know the email/password are correct as I use it to login to the https://vault.readynas.com

11. Just for sport I change the password on the https://vault.readynas.com site.

12. I attempt to turn the vault on from the NAS GUI with the new password. It fails again.

Please help!!!



Model: RN31400|ReadyNAS 300 Series 4- Bay
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