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WAC510 can't save config


WAC510 can't save config

Hi all I have been using WAC510s at home for some time now with no issues, I recently purchased some additional devices from a well known auction site, they appeared brand-new but I'm having some challenges.


They reboot/reset fine and can be connected to as a client on my existing LAN they work perfectly in so far as I can connect to the access point on the default ssid and browse the internet and my home network.



I can connect to the day_zero web page and change the country/region and time zone fine, I cannot however put in an SSID and Password. When I do sop and click Apply  I get a message saying "settings successfully applied" and then a red banner above the config section saying "Settings cannot be applied"


and... The Firmware version is V1.2.5.11 and checking for upgrade gives the "No New Firmware Popup" - My exisiting 510s are on FW 9.8.06


So the questions are:

How can I force an update if I can't get beyond the day_zero screen?

Is there anything else I can try?


Thanks in advance!


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Re: WAC510 can't save config

No idea on how to update such old firmware in one rush.


Head to https://www.netgear.com/support/product/wac510#download and click on "View previous versions". By rule of thumbs', there not less than 40 firmware versions released since, about a dozen in major steps.


Download all you can fetch, unzip the archive and start updating. If some v9.x can't be installed, get older v8.x. then back to 5.x, 4.2, .... until you find the version installable.

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