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Orbi Pro VPN : Add external IP address option for VPN configuration page.

The scenario :
If the Orbi Pro's WAN connection is to another router that's connected to the Internet, the Orbi Pro's VPN config doesn't "see" the external Internet address.

With dynamic DDNS turned off, the VPN download package has as the address and not (for example). Other files have embedded in them, so it's not a simple fix of just "typing in the Internet address" into the .ovpn file.

IF dynamic DNS is enabled, the no-ip.com / other providers DDNS address is passed over to the VPN section and an active Internet address is included in the VPN download package. This is fine IF you need dynamic DNS.

If you have a static Internet IP address, then you don't need dynamic DNS.

The solution is either :

1. Fix the issue where Orbi Pro checks to see what Internet address it can actually see (it has Internet access to all of the VLANs, because if you open a browser on a device connected to the VLANs, you can access the Internet), and it automatically adds the correct Internet address to the VPN download package.


2. Add a section on the Orbi Pro VPN config page to allow the static Internet address to be manually entered, so the correct Internet address is added to the VPN download package.


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