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I want to config GS305EP Switch to do the following:

Port 5 receives VLAN 12 and 919

Port 1 should use VLAN 12 (Access Point)
Port 2-4 should use VLAN 919 (Other Devices)


I turned off IGMP Snooping but didn't change any other default settings.


For "Manage basic 802.1Q VLANs" I used:
Port 1 : VLAN 12
Port 2-4 : VLAN 919
Port 5 : Trunk (All VLANs)
But neither Port 1 nor 2-4 worked.

Then I tried "Manage advanced 802.1Q VLANs"

Port 1 : Tagged VLAN 1 + 12
Port 2-4 : Tagged VLAN 1 + 919
Port 5 : Tagged VLAN 1 + 12 + 919

By default PVID on Port 5 was VLAN 1, and nothing worked.
When setting PVID to 919 on Port 5 !only! VLAN 919 worked for Port 2-4 but the Access Point on Port 1 still failed to connect to the WLC (-> No VLAN 12 on Port 1)


It's not the settings of the uplink, because it is working with the older device GS105PE. So Port 5 really 'receives' VLAN 12 and 919, but somehow I can't get the switch to 'output' both VLANs at the same time on the other ports.


What am I missing here?

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Re: GS305EP


Basic 802.1Q VLANs worked after plugging the cables correctly (: (: (:




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Re: GS305EP

is there any network infrastructure taking care on the various networks you intend to introduce'?


There must be e.g. a router taking care on these additional networks, connected on a trunk connection, 


can't see the purpose or how you had configured that GS105PE ....



Appears there are some basic misunderstandings in VLAN concepts. If you have three VLANs like 1, 12, and 919 configured on the switches, you can link these switches on a trunk carrying 1, 12,  and 919 as tagged (marked), so these VLAN start to exist on the switches where these are configured, and the trunk is bringing the VLAN connections.


Unclear on what you intend to do. With just a common consumer home router, your home LAN does carry just one VLAN, typically an untagged VLAN, available on all LAN ports.


If you want an access port (or more one designated SSID) associated e.g. to the VLAN 12, what is intended to deal with the VLAN 12 trafic, with the IP subnet, what should issue DHCP ip addresses to wireless devices associated to this SSID, and how should this traffic be routed/forwarded?

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Re: GS305EP

It is an already established network for a dorm, set up by students.

We installed Access Points in our users rooms, but when the tenant wants to use wireless connection (one socket per room), we installed the Netgear GS105PE, with these configs:


1PoE Out (802.3af)12Port for AP
2-4No PoE919Other Devices
5PoE In (802.3at)Tagged: 12, 919Uplink


Now we bought GS305EP for other tenants whose sockets are blocked by Access Points, but it doesn't work because of the problems described in my first post.

(Of course now PoE is set to 802.3at on Port 1-4 with high priority on Port 1.)


The Access Point is also not the problem; When setting VLAN 12 on the socket (without Netgear Switch inbetween) the AP works just fine.

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Re: GS305EP


Basic 802.1Q VLANs worked after plugging the cables correctly (: (: (:




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