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Re: NETGEAR Armor activating problem.


Re: NETGEAR Armor activating problem.

Trying everything to get Armor running, but still it will not activate in the app.

1. I bought this router as "Second chance" (it was returned to the store, and then re-sold)

2. Probably due to this, the router has had a factory reset, couding the armor status to be "Expired free trial period".

3. OK, I could understand that, but now after almost a year  I decided to buy a subscription anyway.

4. I ordered it through the app, and the process seemed to work fine.

5. At the https://armor.netgear.com site, I can see my router is there by it's serial number registered on bitdefender (green dot).

6. In the app and in the web interface Armor keeps disabled already for a week now.

7. Did a factory reset, no result.

8. Switched "Anywhere" off and on again, no result

9. Looked all over the internet for a solution, and tried everyting .. no result ...

My firmware version is  V1.0.6.116_2.0.54 (latest downloadable from UI)


Anyone who could help me out here?

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Re: NETGEAR Armor activating problem.

You may need to contact support for help on this issue may be a subscription-related issue. https://my.netgear.com/support/contact.aspx



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