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Re: Need help with my Armor


Need help with my Armor

I have been instructed to come to this page. Netgear has some of the most frustrating webpages to navigate. I bring this up because when I bought this router I apparently signed up with 2 different emails. The reason why I tell you this is recently I had to to a hard reset and when the router came back online it identified the email (which is also me and identified as such) that didnt purchase the Armor protection but the other one.


How do I get my primary email to be identified for my router rather than my secondary or make this work without minimal hassle ?

The armor support is linked to godsdemon03@gmail.com and my secondary email is erick.bodkins@yahoo.com. 


After the hard reset (in the back- due to having multiple secret question failures) I had no other recourse- long story short everything was fine until my brat for a kid wanted something on our network and it was late at night- and the wife spoils him rotten and wont tell him No, so I took on this challenge at night and here I am trying to figure out how to get my armor protection linked to the router which is now using my secondary email for some reason.

Model: R7000P|Nighthawk AC2300 Smart WiFi Dual Band Gigabit Router
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Re: Need help with my Armor

Apparently that is backwards. I have been in and out of the router so much today my eyes are bloodshot and I have a headache redoing all these passwords. After double checking I have armor support on the erick.bodkins@yahoo.com not on the godsdemon03.com. 


When I enter the router thru the admin phase it doesnt ask me either. The issue I have is it thinks I just bought the router with the other email and wont let me click and acknowledge that I have armor with a different email. Can I just change me email in that page somewhere and it will take effect ? 

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Re: Need help with my Armor

Hello Godsdemon03, 


To have your email addresses corrected, you will need to contact our Customer Care at customer.service@netgear.com. Please provide me with your old and preferred email along with the serial number of your router. 




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Re: Need help with my Armor

I got it working. Ty
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