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PRO. 6 on 6.10.2 - Looping Admin Console


PRO. 6 on 6.10.2 - Looping Admin Console

Similar to this issue - https://community.netgear.com/t5/Using-your-ReadyNAS-in-Business/Stuck-in-quot-Connecting-to-the-Rea...


I can't get the admin console to stay up more than a few seconds. The reason I logged in was to update PLEX app via upload, and was never able to stay inside the admin website more than a moment.


Pro 6 - 6.10.2, 3x2TB. 

System is running, can access a few apps remotely.


I am offsite for a week, so I have not tried to connect on the same network.


All critical data is backed up to GDrive, but I'd rather not reinstall. 

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Re: PRO. 6 on 6.10.2 - Looping Admin Console

Maybe try restarting the NAS when you get back on site.


Is ssh enabled?

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