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GS110TUP enabling SNMP


GS110TUP enabling SNMP



Im very green with networking and could use some tips to enabling SNMP on GS110TUP.


Actually i thought SNMP was enabled by default, but when i try to send an SNMP command from linux i get following:

snmpwalk -v1 -c public

Timeout: No Response from


So i thought, ok, maybe its not enabled, but when i follow the manual on how to enable it it gives me an error.


system - SNMP - SNMP V1/V2 - Community configuration

Management Station ip - Management Station IP Mask - Community string public - Acess Mode ReadOnly - Status Enable


when i then click add i get get error message "Error: Default public and private community strings are not allowed"



Any ideas?

or am i comepletely off?




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Re: GS110TUP enabling SNMP

You need to change both the names for read (default: public) and write (default. private) to something more "secure" - that's all.

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