Admin Page - logout missing

I have unusual problem - there is no logout icon on Admin Page. I expected the logout icon to be next (right) to the Help "?" icon, but it is not there. I could not find any option to change this, or any other place to logout (I am logged in as admin, and Win asks me for credentials when I open the Admin Page, so this works as expected). Am I missing something obvious? Thanks in advance!

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Some details: Win 10, ReadyNAS 312 running OS 6.4.2, accounts defined: admin and two users, tried different Web browsers. Other functionality works as expected.

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Re: Admin Page - logout missing

To logout you would close your web browser.

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Re: Admin Page - logout missing

Yes, thanks, but the docs show logout icon (open door with arrow) - has this functionality been removed from current release?

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Re: Admin Page - logout missing

I'd like to see the answer to this too.


And closing the browser is not always an option if you have several tabs open.  If you close the tab and re-open it, it logs back in to the Admin page without requesting authentication.


This is an oversight and needs to be fixed.

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Re: Admin Page - logout missing

This was removed quite some time ago.


I agree that a case can be made to put it back.

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