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What is your Experience with NETGEAR Insight cloud management?

configure the VLAN management interface


is great to have the possibility to configure the VLAN management interface.





Dear Claudio,

Please be a little bit more specific. What product, what product line, what kind of configuration option you are looking for, ...

Can't even locate a community post of yours on any subject.





the product is GS108PE-300EUS, and I'm looking for an option that enable to choice the management VLAN ID becouse is not possible to reach the web management from vlan trunk.


Netgear has a little bit of a discrepancy in the (intentionally kept very basic) Smart Managed Plus switch product line. While the newer 10 GbE Smart Managed Plus units have the opiton to define a management VLAN, the GbE Smart Managed Plus units don't offer this feature.

On some older models, we have seen that the CPU port can't be reached with the VLAN ID 1 (the default [fixed] management VLAN) coming in tagged - at least under some conditions.  


if not to choose the management VLAN , i would like at least to have it  fixed to one VID


the way it works in JGS516PE is unsatisfactory.


netgear people calls it a feature to simplify setup, but, at least in my case, it led to routing complications 


i need to access management page of few devices through a firewall router, but if traffic flows through JGS516PE before reaching the router, JGS516PE catches packets with its own address as target and answers directly to the origin wich in turn drops packets because it expets them coming from the firewall


so the easiest way to access the switch is through a conveniently placed proxy server .


... and safety stays only on management password





SImilar to several other feature requests on the Smart Managed Plus Switch line. The feature does exist on a few newer models, ie. the XS724EM. 

At the same time, this would include restricting the NSDP (as used to discover and manage by the ProSAFE Plus Configuration Utility), Bonjour, UPnP discovery to the very same configured VLAN ID.

@bradleyv ... nice pleeeeeease 8-)

Thank you for your feedback. NETGEAR Smart Managed Plus switches are a simplified version of our Smart Managed Pro switches (and to a greater extent, our new Insight Managed Smart Cloud product line), all of which have these features. There are slight variances between some of the Smart Managed Plus families, but that is based more on capabilities of the underlying technology, so in your example that XS724EM has this feature, that is because it's a 10G switching fabric, with additional capabilities (and cost). If these features are necessary for your application, please consider one of the many products on our exhaustive line of Smart Managed Pro and Insight Managed Smart Cloud switches: https://www.netgear.com/business/products/switches/smart/ https://www.netgear.com/business/products/switches/insight-managed-smart-cloud/default.aspx

if its by design end for "simplicity" i think  netgear should warn about that


i dont pretend to be an expert, but  in my litle experience , looking at other low priced switches i have not seen one with vlan but no management vlan setting


i believe that many, reading "vlan" and 802.1q , will assume that they can set the management vlan