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Allow Orbi Pro SRR60 to diable WIFI Radios

I recommend that Netgear allow the Orbi Pro models to the ability to disable wifi radios at user's option for the following reasons:


  1. Simple update for Netgear/Orbi - Currently, Orbi software allows wifi radio strength choices of 100%, 50%, 25%...they should add an option for 0%/Off. 
  2. It woudn't cost Netgear anything to provide the 0%/Off option as it only requires a modification to an existing field.
  3. It provides the User the option/choice rather than Netgear/Orbi making the choice for the user. 
  4. Netgear/Orbi should place security as one of their highest priorities, and providing this option would reflect that as ethernet-only wired systems are generlly more secure than wifi. 
  5. Netgeat provides this option on almost all of their other routers, so why not provide consistency and allow this as an option and give the user the same flexibility as other competing routers such as TP-Link, Linksys, and Asus.

Consequently, I don't understand the resistance to doing so as it's an easy fix, increases security, and provides users the same option they have with other competing routers. Since you already provide an option for radio strength down to 25%, why not add an addtional selection for 0%/Off? Some users only use wifi occaisionally or alternatively would like to occaisoinaly diable wifi for security and/or interference reasons, and such an option would allow users to so turn it on when needed, and off when not needed. Wifi is not as secure in dense city areas and sometimes creates interference with other devices/systems, thus it would be prudent to allow the user to have the option to disable the wifi radios when needed...just give the user the choice.


This is a great idea! ... and received kudos from others. As it only requires a simple update to the GUI interface - can you please advise if and when will this be implemented?


Indeed, this is a great idea, but I would like to have the setting per Wireless configuration (Wireless 1 ...  Wireless 3 / Guest Portal)...

Currently it is a global setting but making it 'local' that would serve turning off undesired bandwidths 😉


Example: If you want to integrate your IoTs into your network, you might just want to send them on 2.4 GHz only. In this case on the 'local setting' of 'Wireless 3' turn down the 5 GHz band to 0% and voilà - you're done 🙂