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Support HTTPS oin GS1xxE web Managet Switches

Please consider using HTTPS for the web management of the GS1xxE line of switches.

Especially the smaller models need a secure way to configure them as there are no real replacements for in-field deployments outside special technical rooms where is no room to fit an entire rack into...


As the current state of security of many of the embedded or IoT thingis is sub-optimal it is crucial to prevent login credential sniffing via other pOwnd network devices within the same subnet.



Stefan Seide

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NETGEAR Moderator

Hi sseide, 


Our development team will be reviewing your feature request and assess it.  Let me inform you that the more kudos given by other community members to your feature request will help as the development team will be reviewing the post that has the most kudos and might be considered to be implemented.  






NETGEAR Community Team